New Book Release

New Book Release

All growth comes with growing pains—especially corporate growth. Larry Solomon, CEO of Solomon People Solutions and former executive vice president of human resources for the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, tackles the major challenges of mobilizing employees in his new book, Translate, Motivate, Activate. Using proper change management, team leaders can unify employees by following Solomon’s four principles: engage, align, enable, and sustain. Though discussion and professional examples from Solomon’s career, learn how to effctively communicate not just the plan but the vision of success to employees of all levels. Translate the company’s vision to apply to the interest of each employee. Motivate team members to work towards a common goal. Activate individuals’ unique skills to unlock your company’s full potential. Join Solomon on an enlightening discussion of the power that lies in communication, empathy, and teamwork.

All proceeds from the sale of this book go to “My Possibilities,” a for-cause organization that courageously and relentlessly pursues the full, untapped possibilities of adults with special needs.


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About the Author

Larry Solomon, CEO of Solomon People Solutions, managed wave after wave of fundamental change during his tenure at Cadbury-Schweppes and Dr Pepper Snapple (DPS), and now the author is sharing the innovative methods he developed and implemented in numerous countries and diverse cultures, to align thousands of employees behind the right priorities, while also efficiently and effectively building skillsets critical to company success. Solomon’s service at Cadbury-Schweppes and DPS has spanned more than 28 countries and three continents. He served as executive vice president of human resources for DPS from 2003 to August 2013.

An educator at heart, Solomon currently teaches a post-graduate MBA course on “C-Suite Leadership” at the University of Texas at Dallas. He wrote Translate, Motivate, Activate: A Leader’s Guide to Mobilizing Change as an educational tool to aid business leaders, HR professionals and MBA students to successfully achieve sustainable corporate change.

All of the profits from the sales of this book are donated to My Possibilities, a non-profit, “for-cause” organization and facility that provides full day, full year continuing education for disabled Texans who have “aged out” of secondary education. More information can be found at

Solomon received his training and development diploma from the Institute of Personnel Management in Johannesburg, South Africa, and earned an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas. He and his wife Charmaine, have four children, Tascha, Tyron, Donovan and Kyle, and they live in Plano, Texas.

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What people say

“In a successful career spanning forty years Larry has played vital roles in the design and execution of organizational change to drive healthy, sustainable performance.

In this book he tells us not only what needs to be done, but offers practical guidance on how to do it, bringing the narrative to life through his own experiences.

This is a must-read whether you are a general manager or a functional head and especially if you need any convincing that in any change people truly do matter.”

Business consultant and former Cadbury Schweppes executive

“Larry brings to our MBA programs a unique approach.  Our graduates learn to effectively translate organizational change principles into powerful actions that generate sustainable results.”

Founder and Academic Director of Executive MBA Programs University of Texas at Dallas

“In this book, Larry lays out a logical and practical approach to effective translation of strategy into the day-to-day actions of employees at every level of an organization. Visionary leaders need great translators. I encourage every CEO to read this book and share these proven effective methods with the head of the HR department.”

President & CEO – Dr Pepper Snapple Group