" Creating sustainable competitive advantage through people "

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Only 40% of employees are highly engaged in business strategy (according to Towers Watson research), and only 10% are both engaged and aligned (Corporate Leadership Council).  Thus, a tremendous opportunity exists to create a competitive advantage through the effective mobilization of employees at all levels in business. Recognizing this opportunity, Solomon People Solutions was established.


Our Mission


Our mission is to help leaders create sustainable competitive advantage by leveraging the full potential of their people.
We believe that effective leadership creates an environment which can unlock human potential.

“The human mind is a magnificent creation, often limited by self-doubt and poor leadership” - Larry Solomon

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Translate, Motivate, Activate is an essential primer for HR professionals, CEOs and MBA students to successfully understand how to achieve sustainable corporate-wide change.

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Intelligent design and implementation of effective organizational and cultural change
Translating business strategies into the day-to-day activities of all employees
Increasing employee engagement and alignment through the visualization of strategies and tactics
Building the effectiveness of teams at all levels of leadership
Offering dynamic and creative communication vehicles to increase employee engagement in business strategies
Assessing leadership potential and facilitating the building of talent bench-strength